Starline Valves Oy is in year 1994 found Finnish family owned company. We are importing and stocking european origin industrial valves and pneumatic actuators. Our head-office and stock is located in Vantaa. Also we are having four sales offices around Finland. Our turnover is 9 M€ (2020).

Main Applications




Oil and Gas



Ship Building

Pulp and Paper

Water Treatment

Special Applications

Cryo Valves

Hydrogen Valves


Wide selection of European origin shut off valves.

Pneumatic Actuators


Starline Valves Oy is well known of good service and fast deliveries. In our main stock in Vantaa we are having a big stock of industrial shut off valves and pneumatic actuators.

Since its foundation on 1976, Starline has been focus only on production of Ball Valves in Forged Materials. Starline Spa has in their manufacturing range wide scope of different type of forged steel ball valves, Soft and Metal seated. Starting from the experience on the floating valves during the years, Starline has developed a wide and complete range of ball valves in different materials and executions, introducing: Trunnion Mounted design, Single and Double Block and Bleed, Metal to Metal, Cryogenic and High temperature design. Because of Forged Materials and capability to do FET ISO15848-2 testing in house Starline Ball Valves are perfect option for high demanding applications E.g. Hydrogen Valve solution.

Production Range

Starline Ball Valves are manufactured in one factory which located in Bergamo, Italy.

Today Starline has a production capacity of 200.000 valves/year, including complete size range and pressure ratings

Size Range: DN15 - ½” to DN900 - 36”

Pressure Rating: PN16 - Class 150 to PN420 - 2500lbs.

In production Starline is only using selected European raw materials.

Stocking in Finland

Starline Valves Oy has one of the biggest Starline Ball Valve stock in the World.

Main stock line is floating soft seated ball valves

Size range: DN08 – 100 (¼” – 4”)

Connections: Butt Welded, Screwed (F), EN- and ANSI-flanged

Finland stock includes also selected range of Trunnion Mounted and Floating Metal Seated and Cryo-valves.

Founded in 1990, Air Torque Spa became in few years one of the worldwide leading manufacturer of rack and pinion pneumatic actuators made of aluminium.

Production Range

Air Torque Spa is manufacturing wide range of pneumatic actuators. All actuators are made in one factory located in Bergamo, Italy. Raw materials and components are from highly qualified Western Europe suppliers.

Rack and Pinion Actuator range:

  • 17 different model sizes both in double acting and spring return. With output torque up to 10.000Nm, Air Torque has in their range world biggest rack and pinion actuator made of aluminium.
  • 6 different protection levels
  • 3 different working temperature executions (from -55°C/-67°F up to +150°C/+302°F) The -40°C temperature construction is offered as standard.
  • Multiple choice of ISO flange and drive shaft connection are available for each actuator size.
  • Stainless Steel Actuators with 9 different model sizes, are able to reach output torques up to 2.000Nm

Scotch Yoke Actuator range:

  • Pneumatic pressure range: Standard up to 10 bar
  • Torque range: 1) Double Acting up to 60.000 Nm 2) Spring Return up to 30.000 Nm
  • Temperature range: S (Standard): -40°C to +80°C H (High Temperature) -15°C to +150°C L (Low Temperature) to -60°C

Stocking in Finland

Starline Valves Oy has a large stock of Air Torque Rack and Pinion actuators in Finland.

  • Models AT051U – AT801U, Double Acting and Spring Return type
  • Stainless Steel SBAT101 – SBAT401, Spring Return type
  • Fast Acting FA AT351U – FA AT801U, Spring Return type

Company was founded in 1982 in Madrid, Spain. TTV is manufacturing large range of different type of Butterfly Valves for many industry applications.

Butterfly Valve Production Range:


Replaceable Rubber lined, Serie20:
Size range: DN32 – DN1600
Connection: Wafer, Lug, Flanged
Pressure Rating: PN6-16, Class150

Vulcanized Rubber lined, Serie20:
Size range: DN32 – DN1600
Connection: Double Flanged
Pressure Rating: PN6-16, Class150

PTFE lined, Serie20:
Size range:
DN32 – DN1600
Connection: Wafer, Lug
Pressure Rating: PN6-16, Class150

High Temperature (Non Tight) , Serie20:
Size range:
DN40 – DN1200
Connection: Wafer, Lug, Flanged
Tightness 98%
Temperature up to +850°C


Colossus High Performance
Size range: DN40 – DN600
Connection: Wafer, Lug, Flanged
Pressure Rating: PN10-25, Class150
Metal or RPTFE Seated

Stocking in Finland

Starline Valves Oy has good selection of TTV Butterfly valves in Finland stock

Concentric Rubber Lined: DN32 – 400
Concentric PTFE Lined: DN50 – 200
Double Eccentric, Metal: DN80-300
Double Eccentric, RPTFE: DN80-300

As founded in 1988 Pekos has over 30-year experience manufacturing casted ball valves for industry applications. Company started with soft seated floating ball valves but through the years manufacturing range has developed significantly. Soft Seated Ball valves are still in corner stone role of Pekos production but meanwhile special valves like Multiport, Tank Bottom, Heating Jacket Valves and different seat materials are more and more familiar nowadays.

Pekos is well known of their high-quality service and fast deliveries. Main stock of thousands complete assembled and tested valves located in Barcelona.

Production Range

All Pekos products are manufactured in one Factory in Bilbao, Spain.

Soft Seated Ball Valves
Size Range: DN15 - DN600, ½”-24”
Pressure Class: PN16-100, Class150-600

Multi-Port Ball Valves
Size Range: DN25-DN300, 1” – 12”
Pressure Class: PN16-40, Class150-300

Pekos has a lot of Special valves for different applications eg. Tank Bottom, Abrasive media, High Temperature

Stocking in Finland

Main stock line is floating soft seated ball valves

Size range: DN15 – 300
Connections: EN- and ANSI-flanged

Since its foundation in 1957, Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH a Unit of IDEX Corporation, has been the leading manufacturer for high quality fluoropolymer lined pumps and valves. Richter´s  German engineered products are used to transport and manage highly corrosive, environment critical, high-purity and other difficult to manage fluids in the most challenging applications.

Factory and Headquarter are located in Kempen, Germany.

Starline Valves Oy has represented Richter valves as an official distributor in Finland since 2002.

Richter product range is virtually complete: corrosion-resistant shut-off-,control-, safety-, sampling-, check valves, and sight glasses . These products are made according to ISO/DIN PN16/PN25 and ASME/ANSI CI. 150 and 300 lbs for temperatures from -60 to 200 °C (-75 to 400 °F). They excel through robust design and long service life. Richter valve body is manufactured of ductile cast iron EN-JS 1049/ ASTM A395 or stainless steel, absorb ing pressure and pipework forces. Thick-walled, vacuum-resistant linings – PFA, PTFE, and PFA-L (antistatic) – offer particularly high resistance to corrosion. Special pure media versions and a comprehensive.

Stocking in Finland

Ball Valves: DN 15- DN 100
Control Ball Valves: DN 25 -50
Sight Glasses: DN 25 – DN 100
Check Valves: DN 15 – DN 50
Diaphgram Valves: DN 15 – 150

CMO Valves is a company that designs, manufactures and markets standard and specialised knife gate valves, dampers, check valves, penstocks etc. Its comprehensive range of manufacturing allows one to cover many industrial applications and the ability to control all kinds of fluids and powders.

Company CMO is a privately owned company, established 1993 and located in Tolosa, Spain.

Main markets served:

  • Paper & Pulp
  • Mining
  • Municipalities
  • Energy
  • Chemical

Stocking in Finland

Knife Gate Valves: DN 50 – DN 300 GG and Stainless Steel
Check Valves:  DN 40 – 500 Stainless Steel

InterApp AG is founded 1969 in Switzerland. Now days InterApp has two manufacturing sites.

Main factory is located Rotkreuz Switzerland and producing PTFE-lined Butterfly Valves. From Switzerland factory Interapp is providing excellent service and wide range of PTFE-lined Bianca valves with short delivery times to meet customer requirements.

Rubber lined butterfly valves are manufactured in Madrid, Spain.

Production Range:

Bianca PTFE-Lined Butterfly Valves

  • Wafer DN32-600
  • LUG DN32-400
  • Flanged (U-Section) DN450-900

Pressure Class

DN32-150: 16 bar

DN200-300: 10 bar

DN350-900: 6 bar (DN750 2,5 bar)

Desponia Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves

  • Wafer DN25-1000
  • LUG DN25-600
  • Flanged (U-Section) DN150-1600

Ritag GmbH is a manufacturer of high-quality check valves as well as bottom valves and sampling valves for industry, chemical plants, plant engineering and shipbuilding. All Ritag-products are manufactured in one factory in Osterholz-Scharmbeck located near of Bremen in Germany.

Production Range

Check Valves

  • Lift Check DN15 – 200, ½” – 8”
  • Swing Check DN15 – 1200, ½” – 48”
  • Dual Plate Check DN50 – 1400, 2” – 56”

Tank Bottom Valves

Sampling Valves and Systems

Stocking in Finland

Lift Check Valves DN15-100, PN40, Stainless Steel

Company is founded in 1963 in Taulignan, France. SAFI designs and manufactures a wide range of thermoplastic valves for the most demanding industries and requirements. Safi has one factory which produce all their products. Today Safi has wide network of subsidiaries and distributors all around the world – over 70 countries covered.

Production Range:

Ball Valves: DN15-150

Butterfly Valves: DN50-600

Diaphragm Valves: DN15-250

Check Valves: DN15-500

Wide range of different connections and materials.

Valvulas Nacional SA were established in Spain in 1976. They manufacture a range of safety relief valves for use in the petrochemical, refining and chemical industries.

Right from the start VALVULAS NACIONAL, S.A. has been designing and producing safety valves according to the most recognized international standards and regulations: API, ASME, AD 2000-Merkblatt, ISO-4126 together with the European directives PED:2014/68/UE & ATEX:2014/34/UE

Production Range:

Safety valve Model 64
Safety valve 90º angular type of rapid opening (pop action), full nozzle, and spring loaded, adjusting ring, conventional or balanced.
Size DN15x50 – DN300x400, 1”x2” – 12”x16”

Safety valve Model 3-55
Safety valve 90º angular type of rapid opening, semi nozzle, spring loaded
Size DN20x32 – DN150x250, ¾”x1¼” – 6”x8”

Safety valve Model 3-51
Safety valve 90º angular type of rapid opening, full nozzle, spring loaded, adjusting ring, conventional or balanced.
Size DN15x20 – DN25x25, ½” x ¾” – 1” x 1”

Breather Valve Model 3400
Breather valve for overpressure and vacuum, with flanged and threaded connections
Size DN50 – DN250 PN10, 2” – 10” Class150

Emergency Valve 2000
Safety device intended for installation on storage tanks with the finality of assure a quick evacuation of large volume of fluid inside the tank in the event of an overpressure due to fire condition.
Size DN400/DN500/DN600 PN10, 16”/20”/24” Class150

Company Rotech was founded 1990.  Manufacturing range consist of wide range of different type of Limit Switch Units multiple industrial applications and assembly parts for valve automation. All Rotech products are manufactured in one factory located in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe in Germany.

K-Controls Limit Switch products are very well known in Finnish industry as a high-quality solution for demanding applications. Now day K-Controls products belongs in Emerson Automation Solutions-division in Topwox-product line.